Nvgstcapture Jetson NX CSI Camera 3 or Camera 4 driver?

Hello, I have the created a new carrier board, and the pin configurations are below; with all imager IMX477


  1. can someone explain to me how does NX initialize and config the imager? since all the imagers are on CAM_I2C_SDA & CAM_I2C_SDL and use MUX (GPIO_06) to select Imager to check presents, what happen after?

  2. Now i add another MUX pin to the 4-way MUX (GPIO_06+GPIO_07) how do i get the driver to check/use the additional pin to bound the additional imager? as “sudo dmesg | imx” only shows 2 imagers are bound

  3. is there a driver that works with 6 imagers? like 6x CSI_2Lanes?
    Function / SoM

CAM_0_PWDN = CAM1_PWDN (SoM Pin 114)
CAM_0_MCLK = CAM1_MCLK (SoM Pin 116)
CAM_1_PWDN = CAM1_PWDN (SoM Pin 120)
CAM_1_MCLK = CAM1_MCLK (SoM Pin 122)
CAM_2_PWDN = GPIO_11(CLK) (SoM Pin 216)
CAM_2_MCLK = GPIO_01 (CLK) (SoM Pin 218)

I would suggest using i2c MUX to support multiple camera like e3333(ov5693)

we already got a MUX installed, how do we control the mux?

  1. You need to check if kernel have the MUX driver like tca9548 and reference to tegra194-camera-e3333-a00.dtsi to implement your dts

Below is the programing guide for sensor driver.


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