Obout how to run a new camera on Jetsion Xavier NX


I have a Jetson Xavier NX developer kit and would like to be able to work with a on semei camera AR0144CS through CSI-MIPI(This is a single sensor cameraThis is a single sensor camera), using one of the two CSI ports on the DK carrier board.

To do that, I have been trying to develop my own driver for some time now, following the Sensor Driver development documentation provided by NVIDIA. However,There is still no clue。

what files would I need to change?I hope to have like-minded friends to communicate with

If anyone can help me, I would immensely appreciate it

hello chaosongwang,

that’s by default support IMX219 with Xavier NX.
please also check Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer page for the training video,
you should refer to V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial to develop you sensor driver.