Image Sensor Driver Development - Jetson Xavier NX

Hi all!

I am currently on the process of trying to develop my own camera driver. The camera in question is a security camera using the IMX290 sensor and I would like to, through an adapter board, connect it to the Jetson through CSI-MIPI.

So, after having analysed the existing drivers source code for L4T and the documentation for camera development, I would like to know what are the minimum methods/functions I need to implement on this first “prototype”. There are some obvious ones, but the drivers for the other sensors have a lot of functions implemented.

Also, do you have any advice for someone with not much experience in this kind of stuff?


Have a check this document.

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Thanks for your reply. That is the documentation I am using. But I see you have pointed to a specific part of the docs, “Device Properties”, which is about the device-tree files, right? So, does that mean that I only need to develop a dtsi file for my camera?

OOPS, please check the programing guide to implement the dts and .c kernel driver.

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Oh, ok! Thank you once again. Another question I have is: do i need the IMX290 datasheet only, or also the “complete” camera datasheet? Because when I look at the IMX290 datasheet from SONY, I can’t find much regarding addresses, registers and other information that is present in the .c kernel driver files for other sensors

You need to get the sensor mode tables for configure the output correct data to MIPI bus.

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Ok! Thank you!