Built-in drivers for IMX sensors - L4T BSP

Hey guys!

I have been searching for IMX290 sensor drivers for the Jetson platforms, but haven’t found anything apart from advice to make it myself.

I have seen people on this forum pointing to the already available IMX drivers on the BSP as a starting point. However, I am not able to find those drivers on newer L4T source releases. I was able to find the IMX219 driver (among others) on the L4T27.1 source code, as pointed out by Rejeesh_QueST.

However, when searching for the same drivers in the latest release of the L4T source code, I could not find anything.

Does this mean that the driver support for those sensors are gone (Which doesn’t make sense since i can use my RPi v2 camera module with an IMX219 sensor), or are they not public anymore?

I would appreciate your help as I really wanted to have access to a driver as a starting point!

Thanks in advance!

You can check all of the build-in driver are in …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c
Otherwise you need to implement it by yourself. You can check this doc for sensor bring up.


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Thanks for your response. The thing is, in L4T r31.5 I can’t find the c files corresponding to the sensor drivers on the path you described. I can find them on L4T r27.1, but not on this new release of the source code!

I think the c file in r27.1 may be upload to upstream by SONY instead of NV.