How to interface 4lane camera with Jetson Xavier NX carrier board

1.How to use Jetson Xavier NX carrier board camera connector for four data lane camera ?
2. can i merge both connector to get four data lane and use it ?
3.Please check attachment for reference

It is NOT supported to merge like that. Only x2 CSI camera is supported on devkit.

Hey Trumany,
1.can you please suggest ''How can I connect my camera which having four lane ? ‘’
2.If you want I can share my camera pins detail.
Please tell me it would be very helpful.

You can make a custom board for x4 camera.

Query.pdf (57.4 KB)

Please check attachment for custom board design. Is this work ??

We don’t provide schematic review support as we have provided the Design Guide and reference schematic. Please follow that.

Ok so can you please tell me , how can I make custom board for 4lane using devkit ?
And please give me link of reference design and design guidelines.

You can find the Design Guide in DLC. Please follow that to make custom design.

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