Xavier DSI use as CSI port

Hi all,
I’m developing a carrier board for ADAS application.
I want to cluster several NX modules and use the DSI 2-lanes output as post-processed image input to the next NX module CSI input.
The question is if it possible to do so, can I connect DSI output of one NX straight to CSI input of the second NX?


Do you mean the DSI for display out? Actually, NX does not support DSI as display output.

So the CSI_G is a DSI interface and uses only as input?
if so, can I use it in configuration of 4 cameras - 3 of 4 lanes and 1 of 2 lanes?

Can I configure the NX to work with 3 cameras of 4 lanes and 1 camera of 2 lanes (CSI_G)?
If so, what do I need to change do set the fourth camera?

hello bennaimomer,

Jetson Xavier NX brings fourteen MIPI CSI lanes to the connector, it’s up-to twelve lanes can be used in Xavier NX’s camera use-case.
please access Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide for reference, you’ll need to review [Jetson Xavier NX CSI Pin Descriptions] for the signal usage of CSI-G.

that’s not supported, since it’s up-to three quad-lane camera streams were supported.

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