NX 5 camera CSI-2 lanes, 1 CSI-4 lanes


trying to confirm if it is possible to run CSI0~3 and CSI5 on 2 lanes configuration with CSI4 on 4 lanes. (total of 14 active CSI lanes).

from DG-09693-001_v1.3 | 53 it seems possible on the wiring side.

From this Nvidia answer: Maximum camera/ISP resolution on Xavier NX - #7 by JerryChang it seems that we can only have 12 CSI lanes active of the 14 available.

Is the 12 active CSI lanes a hardware limitation?

hello Elleryn,

please access Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide and check [Chapter 8. MIPI CSI Video Input].
it’s due to there’s only single CSI4_CLK, this clock sharing the CSI-E/F brick.
so, you can only choose CSI-E for 2-lane configuration or CSI-E/F for 4-lane configuration. CSI-F with 2-lane by itself is not supported.
that’s why there’re 12 active CSI lanes available on Xavier NX.

@JerryChang Yes CSI-E/F share the same brick.

We do not aim to split CSI4 into 2 cameras but to have CSI4 in 4 lanes mode and other CSI in 2 lanes modes doesn’t seem incompatible with this document.

i.e. CSI0 to 3 in 2 lanes mode, CSI 5 in 2 lanes mode, and CSI 4 in 4 lanes mode which leads to 14 lanes, is this possible?

NO, up-to twelve of these lanes can be used in a design.

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