Confirmation of Camera H/W Configuration | Xavier NX

We are planning to use 2x 4-lane MIPI camera and 2x 2-lane MIPI camera with Xavier NX SOM (total 4 cams). All the cameras will be operational concurrently. Could you please confirm if Xavier NX SOM supports the above H/W camera configuration?


Hello @n.balaji and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I took the liberty of moving your topic into the Jetson Xavier specific category. This way it will get the much better visibility and support.


Yes, it is supported. Please refer to the CSI Configurations Table in Xavier NX Product Design Guide in DLC for how to choose the lanes.

Thank you very much @MarkusHoHo for your help!

@Trumany , Thanks for the confirmation!
Please let us know if the below CSI configuration is correct.

Yes, that’s supported.

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