Using multiple camera types on the CSI-2 interface?

Hello, I’m currently in the early stages of building a robot (using an Xavier NX as its brain). To allow it to be controlled remotely through a VR headset and have some degree of autonomy, I intend on using both stereo RGB cameras and 3D-TOF sensors. Specifically, two IMX290’s and three MLX75026’s, all connected to the CSI-2 interface. Before I get too far into this design, I would like to confirm that it is indeed possible to connect multiple sensor types without too much of an ordeal. I see mentions of multicam systems but not of two different types on CSI-2… thanks!

hello r2d2fish,

yes, Xavier NX (and also other Jetson chips) support heterogeneous cameras.

you may also check [Chapter 9. MIPI CSI Video Input] from Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide,
recap as below.

Jetson Xavier NX brings fourteen MIPI CSI lanes to the connector. Up to three quad-lane camera streams plus one dual-lane stream or up to six dual-lane camera streams are supported.

or, please refer to [Figure 9-2. CSI Connection Options] to review your CSI camera connections.

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