Compatible cameras

I’m looking for a camera that is compatible with the Jetson Xavier NX.
At the link there is the list of the supported cameras. But none of them says explicitly to support the Xavier NX, only AGX. I’m pretty sure that I can go with one that is compatible with the AGX, but before buying, I’d rather prefer double check. So, the question is: are the cameras compatible with the Xavier AGX also compatible with the Xavier NX?

Thank you.

I would NOT assume than just any AGX compatible camera can be used with an NX.
I’d find one that meets your needs then see if the NX will support it.
Do you need a specific sensor? How about encoding?
Are you looking for a MIPI interface camera or USB?

General rules:
Any camera that’s compatible with a Raspberry Pi will “work”.
Any camera that’s compatible with a Nano will “work”.
Any USB camera that supports UVC will “work”.

Oh, here’s a link to the NX camera design guide…

and one for the AGX…

Thank you for your answer.

Hi Alessandro.B,

You can also find those cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform at

The list doesn’t show the NX yet.

Hi gtj,

We will do the update for NX platform soon, please stay tuned.

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