Camera for Jetson Xavier AGX

Hello everyone!
I am planning to buy Jetson Xavier AGX and do not understand how to choose a camera for this model.
Do you know can I connect this camera to Jetson Xavier AGX Cuz it says that this camera is compatible with Jetson Xavier NX.

Hi 4ever_fun,

Please find camera product info from

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Thank you!
I actually saw this link and it has soooo many choices. I was thinking maybe someone did similar project and can recommend something specific. Many of them are too complicated…

I am afraid of doing the wrong choice:)

You may need to describe more details about your requirement, then other developers can share experience.

Let’s say the main goal of my project is to identify road signs. Ideally, it should work in real-time. So I just need to choose a camera to attach it to jetson.

We have done some test, and don’t see issue to use those cameras to to get live camera stream to run inference.
You can also refer to Jetson Xavier Wiki:

You can also start your project by referring to

If you want to just checked out proof of concept with cameras like you mentioned or RPI camera, you need to either purchase adapter boards for Xavier camera connector or you need to make them yourself or buy one of the multiple camera kits. The adapter boards run at the same price as multiple camera kits.

I don’t understand why NVIDIA can’t release such a board for the dev kit.

If you haven’t purchased AGX Xavier yet go with XAVIER NX. You don’t have to deal with the adapter board. You can directly plug in RPI/NANO cameras.

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Yes, I decided to go with XAVIER NX instead.

If you want to use any mipi cam with Xavier AGX, you have to by the adapter from leopard imaging - that gives you 4 mipi connectors.

I would start with a Nano for your project. Has mipi built in. Get an Arducam from Amazon.

And for night work, FLIR has some great IR camera and a kit for ADAS work.