Integrate Jetson Xavier AGX with camera

I have a Raspberry Pi Camera and I wanted to integrate it with Xavier AGX.

I needed assistance with it, can anyone please help me with it.

hello prathvi00001,

the camera connector are different;

the Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board includes a 120-pin (2x60, 0.5 mm pitch) camera expansion connector (J509).

you should consider Xavier NX, the Jetson Xavier NX carrier board includes two 15-position flex (1.0 mm pitch) camera connectors (J1 and J9). it also support rbpcv2-imx219 by default.


I have a Xavier AGX board.

Can you please suggest me cameras which are compatible to it?

One other requirement is I have requirement of 2 cameras for stereo vision, can we connect multiple cameras which are compatible to Xavier AGX?

please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for camera solutions.

Thanks for the reply,

Last thing can I connect the Raspberry Pi Camera with Jetson TX2 board?

hello prathvi00001,

Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, and Xavier NX were using the same the camera connector, 15-position flex (1.0 mm pitch).
Raspberry Pi v2, IMX219 is supported by default for those platforms.