Pi camera V2.1 with AGX Xavier


For my research project, I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1 (IMX219) to AGX Xavier. Just wondering if anyone in the community has done this kind of connection before?

Thanks for the help!

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hello jj666,

Nano and Xavier having different camera connectors.
also, according to Supported camera list of Jetson-Nano, Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1 (IMX219) is support for Nano by default.

nevertheless, you could access L4T Sources via Jetson Download Center.
you should found the imx219 sensor driver included for reference.
for example,

Thanks for the help. My project requires AGX so I think I have to build a camera interposer. Following NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide, I am planning to connect a single Pi Camera to the camera connector on AGX through the CSI-2 MIPI interface by the camera interposer board without any EEPROM or I2C MUX.

Assuming the connection is fine, I am wondering what’s the next step to actually use the PI camera with the imx219 sensor driver. I read some other posts that, to register a new camera device, I need to update the main platform .dtsi file to include the new device .dtsi file. Can you tell me how I can customize the .dtsi file for a new camera? At the same time, what are the steps to use the driver file (sorry I am new to this area)?

Thanks for the help.

hello jj666,

yes, you’ll need to build a camera interposer, for the hardware connections.
please check Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide, and refer to the [MIPI CSI] chapter to review the board design.
for the software development, please access [Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide].
you’ll need to check Using the Main Platform Device Tree File for device registration.

BTW, suggest you should also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutions.

Thanks for the help! One more question: can you tell me if there is any guide of reference on how to build an external driver module on AGX?

I try to follow the link you sent above to register the device, but I don’t think I can locate the folder mentioned in the document, which supposed to be the directory of the board support package. I set up my AGX using JetPack 4.2.2. Can you tell me how I can locate the device tree files? Thanks!

hello jj666,

could you please point out which documentation, and which paragraph about these.

you may access L4T Sources via Jetson Download Center, please also refer to Kernel Customization chapter for building kernel images.

Sure, the documentation about how to register a device using the Main Platform Device Tree File is:

the definition of is referred in this doc:
The paragraph mentioning the definition of is in bullet point 1 of the first section “To add camera modules to a device tree”.

My question is that if I want to use the IM219 camera with AGX, does that mean I have to rebuild the kernel from L4T source to build the driver? But I thought L4T 32.2.1 is part of JetPack 4.2.2?


hello jj666,

I would like to emphasized that again, you’ll need hardware changes to connect your IMX219 to Xavier.
please also check the Raspberry PI v2 camera and NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide.

even using the same sensor driver, you still need to double check the i2c, and regulator settings due to different hardware.
that is the location of the l4t tarball extract path, for example, device tree changes should extract it as /kernel_src/hardware/…

Hi @jj666, I’m also investigating how to connect a Raspberry Pi Camera to the AGX Xavier. Have you been able to accomplish it?

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Hi @andrea @jj666 ,
I am facing the same problem, here’s a related post: How can I connect this Camera? - #10 by kayccc
I am looking for a low cost solution, how you managed to connect a pi-camera in the AGX Xavier Camera Connector? Thanks in advance.

@andrewssobral unfortunately we haven’t found a solution, so we switched to a USB ArduCam instead. Good luck!

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Thank you @andrea for your quick reply.
For instance the cheapest solution (without using a USB camera) is to pay $179 on this kit:

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hello andrewssobral,

Jetson Xavier XN using the same chip version as Jetson AGX Xavier.
why don’t you use Xavier NX since it’s by default support Raspberry PI v2, IMX219.

BTW, this topic has been mark as solved.
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