How can i work RPI HQ camera with AGX Xavier

Is there any method to work with rpi hq camera on agx xavier dev kit? I found auvedia j20 adapter for this but I’m not sure to work on it. Otherwise, it works with agx orin. Then, can we say this module is valid for agx xavier also ? Please check this website out.

Plus, these steps make me consider. Are these software steps easy to do ? I have already an agx xavier with jetpack but they need some driver and kernel things I guess. should İ be worried about these steps?
Thanks in advice.

hello rmbeh578,

sorry, we do not support RPI HQ camera with AGX Xavier.
even though you’ve using this adapter to connect camera, you’ll also need to port the driver and device tree for AGX Xavier.

Can you share documentation for port the driver and device tree .dts file for AGX Xavier ?

JerryChang via NVIDIA Developer Forums <>, 5 Mar 2023 Paz, 17:39 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Doesn’t that camera have built-in protection so it only works on the pi? One of them does, not sure which model. You can only use the older ones I believe.

edit: It’s the picamera v2 that has protection. You can use the HQ one pretty easily I believe: Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera: 5 Most Concerning Issues

I need to remove the R8 resistor from hq camera for using with jetson. I found some .dts file from the forum.
extracted_tx2_working.dts (335.7 KB)

hello rmbeh578,

these documentation/training videos should be helpful.
for example,

Thanks for the documentations.
Will it be enough just to program a driver for the adapter to get a camera view? Or do I need to program a driver for the camera as well?

hello rmbeh578,

you should do both of them.
anyways, there’s rbpcv3-imx477 sensor driver and also device tree,
but you’ll need to port them from Xavier NX to AGX Xavier.
for example,
here’s Xavier NX device tree for running IMX477.

What about the directory for AGX Xavier dev kit ? should I install jetson linux driver packages from jetson download center to add device tree ?
Also, I think tx2 device tree system is familiar to agx xavier. Is tx2 the best sample for implementation driver to agx xavier ?

hello rmbeh578,

please be aware the naming behind platform/ folder.
it’s t19x/ to represent Xavier series. t18x/ to represent TX2 series.
and… you’ll see several different folders there, for example, galen/ for AGX Xavier, jakku/ for Xavier NX.

Thanks for your reply.
I cannot see this directory on my jetson. I think I should download something in jetson download center. I choose the my jetpack version R32.7.1 and I’m not sure what should I download one them.

Is it enough to download just driver package ?

hello rmbeh578,

[L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources] contain all public release sources packages. kernel and device tree sources also included.
note, R32.7.1 is one quite old release version…

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