Does AGX Orin Dev Kit support raspberry pi hq camera

I need to connect the rpi hq camera to agx orin dev kit. I found driver for xaiver nx and nano. I’m not sure about there is a driver for agx orin. Hq camera includes IMX477 sensor and I found two pages about this driver install guide website.

https:// developer.ridgerun. com/wiki/index.php/Raspberry_Pi_HQ_camera_IMX477_Linux_driver_for_Jetson
This page does not contain information adequately about installing the driver for agx orin.

And this page mentions installing the driver for agx orin.

I want to be sure that can i use the hq camera on agx orin dev kit.

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No, the HW connector only support Orin NX but AGX Orin.


Yes,I have tested rpi hq camera on agx orin dev kit, it worked, but you should use j20 board.

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Oh that’s cool. Did you cancel the R8 resistor on the hq camera sensor?
And my last question is what about agx xavier dev kit? Do you think it works in the agx xaiver dev kit?
Actually I would buy an agx orin but the plan is changed and I got an agx xaiver anymore.
Thanks a lot for your answer :)

Yes, I removed the R8 resistor, I think it no problom works fine on the agx xaiver dev kit.

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Hi, how did you setup the J20 board? I just received one and am trying to get it to work with my Jetson Orin. The PWR led turns on but the GPIO led does not

You should compile the kernel driver and install like this page: NVIDIA Jetson Orin - IMX477 J20

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