6 imx477 with jetson ORIN

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As in this discussion i can see that imx477 support Jetson AGX ORIN with Auvidea J20 Board. But i want to know whether we can use 6 imx477 at a time or not, As i am planning to buy 6 camera and J20 Board but before purchase i want to clear this doubt. @OpenJeston @rmbeh578

Suppose Orin able to support 6 cameras without problem.
For this case need to implement the device tree for it.

I am not sure what you saying will Auvidea j20 will support or not if it will support 6 IMX477 camera what specific changes i need to do for device tree.

Please check below document for driver implementation.



Thankyou, I will look into it for Device tree, As what i am asking apart from device tree is that Auvidea J20 is having 6-csi 2-lane ports and the imx477 is 4-lane as i can see that it is supported by Auvidea J20 but can it handle 6 camera simultaneously.

IMX477 driver also support 2 lane configure via device tree configure after J5.1.1

Of course , supported.

Did you checked it with current setup as you mentioned here Does AGX Orin Dev Kit support raspberry pi hq camera

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