Nvidia Orin agx 64gb

I have recently bought Orin AGX 64gb which I have had no problem setting it up and booting from nvme. My main problem is the camera interface. I’m led to believe the orin agx can emulate orin nano, orin nx, well how can it when the interface for cameras are completely different!
I have a jetson nano and xavier nx and lots of raspberry pi and compatible arducam cameras but no way of interfacing these to orin agx. There is no information to where I can get an adapter or any help in the forums other than a picture of a j20 interface.


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hello paulrrh,

so… you’re looking for camera module that works with AGX Orin platform?
please see Jetson Partner Supported Cameras | NVIDIA Developer for cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.

Thanks for your reply

No I’m looking for an interface to plug into orin agx camera socket so I can run the same camera from the old nvidia xavier nx. I also understand the orin nano and orin nx have different camera interface from the agx orin therfore according to nvidia the agx orin can emulate the orin nx and the orin nano, HOW? with different camera interfaces.
I have tried the forums and also seen the information you have pointed me to before but I am none the wiser. Is there anyone at nvidia I can speak to about this subject as the forums are not very forthcoming.
Thanks in anticipation.

please see-also this thread, Topic 253145.
there’s board provided by Jetson Camera Partners to support this.

Thanks again.
It seems to me that the orin agx and camera interfaces or very much still in its infancy and are not working out of the box as it were. I have also found this Does AGX Orin Dev Kit support raspberry pi hq camera.
To be honest I am disappointed AGX orin and the lack of non usb peripherals

there should be some misunderstanding.
there’re USB peripherals. you may check Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide | NVIDIA Developer.

Sorry I said NON Usb

as mentioned.

Hello JerryChang
I’m sorry
Thanks for your time to reply to my questions , but I am about to send my jetson agx orin back, as I am disappointed. You can’t emulate a jetson orin nano on a jetson Orin agx as the camera interfaces are different. To get an interface for Orin agx to connect csi camera’s you have to spend a minimum of £200+++++ and there seem to be no hardware support from Nvidia.com.
Another point as I am having a winge where can I get the demo software for the orin agx that is shown in the advertisng blurb. I only mention this to you as your initial post was pointing to where you can get information on the agx orin.

hello paulrrh,

FYI, the emulation is for system performance only.

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