How to connect Raspberry Pi camera v2 to jetson xavier

I have a Raspberry Pi camera v2 but I don’t know how to connect it to xavier. The Pi camera v2 is csi camera with 15 pins,can I directly connect to J509 of the xavier carrier board? or do I need a interface board? if so, please kindly tell me the link or the spec of the interface board. Thanks.

you can connect it in a pretty straightforward to Jetson nano.
I doubt that you will be able to get it connected to the Xavier without implementation of custom design of a hardware solution. Moreover, you could stream from pi v.2 camera to Xavier over the network.

Got it, I’ll find a way out. Thanks a lot @ Andrey

Have you find a way to connect the camera ?

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How can you connect the camera ? Physically or OTA

Hello All,

I am facing the same problem, and I am trying to find a low cost solution. How you managed that? Thanks in advance.

For instance the cheapest solution (without using a USB camera) is to pay $179 on this kit:

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in addition, since Jetson Xavier XN using the same chip version as Jetson AGX Xavier. you may consider to work with Xavier NX, and that’s by default support Raspberry PI v2, IMX219.