Cheapest xavier-compatible camera?


I realize there are numerous posts about cameras, but they always point to a list of partners, most of which do not display the prices unless you get in touch with their sales dept. When I did, the camera is way out of my price range. Most displayed prices are in the $500+ range.

There doesn’t seem to be a full list of actual devices with prices available anywhere, so one would be able compare and see what they can afford.

Fellow hobbyists on a budget out there, do you have any recommendation for a 60+fps camera for the Xavier that doesn’t cost as much as the Xavier itself? I’m looking to minimize motion blur in machine vision, the rest of the specs do not matter much.


Unfortunately I do not have one of the Logitech C930 cameras to try, but in the past the other 30 fps Logitechs (e.g., the C920) have worked quite well. The C922 Pro seems to be a 60 fps variant, and prices vary from about $100 to $200, depending on where you look. Although I can’t guarantee this will work, I highly suspect it will work without issues.

You may look at USB cameras supported by uvcvideo driver, there are many, these should be supported.
You’d better look for USB3 cameras, especially if you opt for a MJPG camera.

If you’re a hobbyist and only want one unit, you may also try to get the CSI onboard camera module from TX1/TX2 devkit embedding an OV5693 sensor that is natively supported on Jetson TX1/TX2/AGX Xavier. Works fine at 30 fps, but 120 fps is a bit noisy.
You may find one below 100$ searching ebay or else for “NVIDIA Jetson TX2 TX1 Board Only”. Be sure that camera module is ok before buying.

We are currently using two Raspberry Pi HQ Cameras with a 6mm lens, totaling in at ~100€ and using the driver from Riderun we get the full 4k image at 30fps on the new NX.

You only have to take into account that you have to desolder one resistor.

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That’s good to know it’s possible to use a RPi camera with that driver. I didn’t think there were any yet.

I’ll still need to find something that does 60fps+, but in the meantime I can use some of the cameras I already have laying around!

For reference if anybody else is looking for it, that’d be the link:

Be aware that AGX Xavier has same CSI connector type as TX1 & TX2.
NX has another connector type, same as Nano.
Only the latter ones would allow RPi Cams with CSI ribbon cable.

hello julien1,

may I know what’s your use-case, you may plug-in USB cameras for some basic functionality.
please also refer to Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for list of cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.


The use case is face tracking, face recognition, gaze direction/eye tracking.

I have 30fps USB camera which leads to heavy motion blur, making any work on the eyes impossible unless the subject is nearly static. I’m awaiting for a delivery of a 60fps USB camera to see if that’ll help with the blur.

My main concern is budget. I’m aware of the link you provided, went through the list already, but most of the models aren’t advertising the price. The list itself doesn’t allow to filter by budget. I contacted some vendors in the cases prices weren’t available and the prices were beyond my budget.