Entry-Level Camera for Xavier


Does anyone have suggestions for an entry-level Xavier compatible camera?

Most options seem pretty expensive for the hobbyist. I don’t need super high performance or resolution; 30fps @720p should be fine. I’d like to find something under $100 that works without much difficulty. Any suggestions?


Hi nick.bild, you could try Logitech C270, it’s $20 USD and supports 720p30.

If you are looking for MIPI CSI camera, recommend to consult the eLinux wiki and camera partners: https://elinux.org/Jetson_AGX_Xavier#Cameras

Thanks. I was thinking CSI, which is where the options all look to be expensive, but I should at least try a plain old webcam before ruling it out.

If you’re able to find one of the OV5693 CSI camera modules from the TX1/TX2 devkit, those work with Xavier. They used to be up on eBay for $10, but I can’t find them there anymore. I see you’re the ShAIdes developer - I could probably dig one up for you if you are interested. The OV5693 modules are fixed-focus and mounted on the underside of the Xavier devkit, so they don’t have a cable and the camera would stay attached to the devkit.

Thanks so much for the advice and the offer! I’ll definitely need to have the camera detached from the devkit for this project though, so it doesn’t sound like the OV5693 would be the right choice in this case.

I had a couple c270 cameras laying around and just tested it out. It’s more like 10fps @ 720p in practice (with OpenCV) and the image quality isn’t great, but for this project I think it will work.

Thanks again for the advice. Sometimes “good enough” will do the job.