Jetson Xavier CSI-2 Cameras


Looking for some input. Reading the Xavier tech specs I understand that the CSI-2 is the prefered connection method for cameras. My requirements are for some entry-level cameras, 6 in total. I appreciate that there are ‘preferred suppliers’ and have seen the list in other posts, these are too excessive for my requirements.

Given that, is there anything specific I am looking for when choosing a camera module. i.e. will something very basic like this suffice?

Hi colleen-lyd,

Are you looking for 6 this cameras for Xavier DevKit?
Could you check if any info in can satisfy it?
Or you may need to contact with the partners in

Yes, for the devkit.

I have contacted each of the suppliers specified in your directory. I expect these will be too premium for my application. It is a shame, the Xavier product looks incredible but the infrastructure that supports it doesn’t seem to have caught up yet.

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@Vickyy what is stopping me from using a camera from a ‘non-preferred supplier’? Assuming I select a product with the CSI-2 connector are there any other requirements for it to work with the Xavier, i.e. Drivers, etc?

Thank you

You can using any sensor what you like but you need to confirm the HW is compatible and need to implement driver. For the HW you can check the “Jetson Camera Module Hardware Design Guide” and “Sensor Driver Porting Guide” from the download center.

Thanks shane,

Looking at the ‘Jetson Camera Module Hardware Design Guide’ it has no mention of the Xavier. Has this document not been updated for the Xavier?

Thank you

Check this