5 high-frame-rate cameras connected to a Jetson Xavier, what is best way to do it?

I’m developing a 3D printing monitoring system in which 5 cameras will each be up to 2 meters away from the Jetson.
What is the best way to connect these devices to the Jetson?
I’m worried that if all 5 are connected via USB that there will be a data bottleneck if they’re all being captured at high frame-rate and in high resolution.

Here are some potential solution I’ve identified that avoid USB, but I don’t have experience, so I thought I’d ask the community:

Yes, consult with camera partner would be good way to get more support.

Yes, I’m in discussions with several partners but was wondering if anyone on the forums had any experience to share. Thank you.

@ShaneCCC – is it possible to access GMSL camera feeds via python on any Jetson devices?

There’s no any different for GMSL camera with normal CSI camera.
Have a reference to below also you should be able find many others reference by googling.


There are lots of posts on these forums with people saying they are unable to access data feeds from GMSL cameras, do you know why?

Most of them are driver or device tree configure cause the problem.

Can you link to any NVIDIA documentation on connecting to a GMSL camera? Going to share with our developer. Thank you.

Have check this document.


Thank you!

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