Number of cameras supported by Jetson AGX Xavier development kit


How many cameras are supported by Jetson AGX Xavier development kit?, mainly I will need to connect 8x cameras and I found that module but I am not sure if it is compatible or not?

Hi mahmoud.serour, it appears from the product description that camera board is compatible with the Xavier devkit, however I would recommend checking with ConnectTech about which cameras they have tested and which JetPack versions are supported by it.

You can find some other multi-camera kits for Xavier here:

Hi dusty,

I checked all of the suppliers and contacted them however, I didn’t get any reply yet.

For leopard: the board you have sent, it seems it supports up to 4 GMSL cameras only.

For e-consystems: I didn’t find any GMSL camera compatible.

For d3: They are waiting for the virtual channel release to extend interfacing to 4 FPDs and 2 GMSLs however, I contacted them and waiting their reply.

My main target is to connect 6x GMSL cameras to Xavier without the virtual channel release in an application for autonomous driving without guidance, that is why I am targeting to use GMSL cameras.

OK gotcha - since your requirement is 6x GMSL cameras, try calling ConnectTech, they have a support line here:

I will also let them know you have been trying to get in touch with them.

Thank you