LI-AR0231-GMSL2-060H and LI-IMX424-GMSL -065H compatible with which Jetson Xavier


I want to procure a jetson Xavier for my application but there are some constraints with respect to the CSI cameras being used for the application.

  1. Should support CSI based LI-AR0231-GMSL2-060H and LI-IMX424-GMSL -065H cameras (Leopard Imaging)
  2. Minimum 5 cameras of the above-mentioned part no.’s on a single Jetson Xavier

With support I want to clarify that driver support should be present (more like plug and play)

I am expecting a part no. so that i can directly procure. Also, if there are some supporting docs stating that support is available will be good to have

Suggest to contact with Leopard imaging to discuss if those cameras are supported or plan to support on Jetson Xavier.
You can find more camera product info from Jetson Partner Supported Cameras | NVIDIA Developer

We have adapter board which can connect 5 cameras on Jetson AGX Xavier, and we can provide custom driver service to build a driver for LI-AR0231-GMSL2 and LI-IMX424-GMSL2. Please contact for more details.


Kindly refer the attachment. It mentions the part no. of the camera as LI-AR0231-GMSL2-XAVIER-120H.

I am assuming the “XAVIER” indicates that Jetson Xavier supports this camera. Can you confirm that what I am thinking is in the correct direction?

If yes, please let me know the camera will be supported with the pre-built image provided by IMX or I have to install some Jetpack version. Also, please mention the part no. of the Jetson Xavier which supports this camera.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, the LI-AR0231-GMSL2-XAVIER-120H is compatible with Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Developer kit. We have Xavier driver for this camera kit, and the driver can support up to 4 LI-AR0231-GMSL2 cameras.
The camera kit includes below components (You don’t have to connect all 4 cameras):
LI-AR0231-GMSL2 x 4
FAW-1233-03 x 4

However, we don’t have a single Xavier driver which can support both LI-AR0231-GMSL2 and LI-IMX424-GMSL2 camera yet. We can provide custom driver service to build one if needed.

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