Leopard imaging driver availability LI-AR0820-GMSL2-110H

I’m concerning to buy LI-AR0820-GMSL2-110H which LI sells with USB3.0 EVA module.
However, I want 4K images in full frame rate, so I want to use with XAVIER MIPI board which was included in LI-IMX390-GMSL2-XAVIER-120H.
Is there anyone who tried and success to control with this environment, and does Leopard Imaging support driver of this?
I’m using Jetson Xavier AGX and my Jetpack version is 4.4.1

Why just consult with Leopard to get more detail information.

Could you help to check this request.


Hello ShaneCCC,
I just wondering if threre is anyone who tried this.
Thank you so much for forwarding.
Could you please check this question?
Thank you.

Hi hscho0316,
Yes, we have the Xavier + LI-AR0821-GMSL2 driver. Please contact support@leopardimaging.com to get the driver.