Opinion on Leopard Imaging cameras

Hi, I am looking for an HDR GMSL2 camera (or multiple cameras) for the Xavier and I see that Leopard Imaging has several. Has anyone used their cameras over GMSL2? I would like to access the camera using OpenCV.

They are listed as an NVIDIA preferred partner, but I do not see any software support (or Github) listed on their website. Any insight with your experience on using their GMSL2 cameras with OpenCV is appreciated.

Hi jseng,

We don’t have Xavier driver for GMSL2 camera with HDR mode yet, but we have plan to build the Xavier driver for our LI-AR0233-GW5200-GMSL2 camera which supports HDR mode and YUV output. The camera can be accessed by OpenCV.


Thanks for the reply. That is the exact camera I was looking at. E-con systems is coming out with the similar camera specs and the same sensor:


The specs are what I am interested in: HDR (120dB), 1080p, GMSL2, on-board ISP, AR0233, Xavier support. They also list having a V4L2 driver.

Any guess on when the driver will be completed? Can I plug multiple cameras into the 4-board adapter (LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT-4CAM along with LI-GMSL2-IPX-DESER)?

Hi jseng,

We may have the driver ready in Mar. 2020.
Yes, the new driver will support 4 AR0233-GW5200 cameras on LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT-4CAM and LI-GMSL2-IPX-DESER.

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Hi jseng,
We have the AR0233-GW5200-GMSL2 Xavier driver right now. You can contact support@leopardimaging.com to get the driver if needed.