Real time demo: GMSL2 Multi Camera solution using Jetson Xavier NX based Rudi-NX Embedded System

Here is the real time demo of Four IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera for Connect Tech’s Rudi-NX Embedded System with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX platform.

e-con systems™ has partnered with Connect Tech to deliver an IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera solution for NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX based Rudi-NX Embedded System. This camera is based on industrial grade Full HD CMOS sensor bundled with a well-tuned Image Signal Processor (ISP) which is packed in an IP67 Certified enclosure. Its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability ensures reliable images even in challenging outdoor light conditions. This camera is supplied with IP67 M12 lens which is focussed and glued in our factory.


» Autonomous Mobile Robots

» Patrol Robots

» Fleet Management

» Surround View System

» Smart Traffic Management

» Industrial Robotic Arms

» Agriculture Robotic Arms

STURDeCAM20: IP67 Full HD HDR GMSL2 camera for Surround view system

Great! Thanks for creating this awesome camera product for Jetson platform!

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