IP67 rated GMSL2 color Global Shutter camera for Jetson AGX Xavier

e-con Systems has launched STURDeCAM25, a Full HD GMSL2 color global shutter camera with an IP67 enclosure that ensures protection from dust and water. STURDeCAM25 is the latest introduction in e-con Systems’ STURDeCAM series characterized by products with IP rated rugged enclosures.

STURDeCAM25 is a multi-camera solution based on the AR0234CS sensor from ON Semiconductor®, with the ability to integrate up to 6 cameras. It comes with an onboard Image Signal Processor (ISP) which is tuned to achieve the best quality image output from the sensor. The global shutter efficiency of this camera helps to capture sharp images of moving objects without any shutter artifacts. Its large pixel size of 3.0µm and high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) help in producing exceptionally clear and sharp images with less noise even in challenging lighting conditions. The IP67 enclosure of this camera makes it suitable for use in harsh industrial conditions by protecting it from water, dust, temperature variations, as well as shocks and vibrations.

STURDeCAM25 also comes with the GMSL2 interface making it possible to reliably transmit video data using coaxial cables up to a distance of 15 meters with very low latency. Further, this camera is capable of streaming uncompressed video data at 120 frames per second which helps to reduce motion blur.

Key features of STURDeCAM25:

IP67 enclosure - Ruggedness to withstand dust and water and has anti-fogging capability

Global shutter - Sharp images of moving objects without shutter artifacts.

GMSL2 interface - Transmission of video data up to a distance of 15 meters with low latency.

Large Pixel size & High SNR - Sharp images with less noise even in low lighting conditions

720p@120fps & FullHD@65fps - High-quality streaming of uncompressed video data with reduced motion blur

Multi-camera synchronization support – suitable for 3D vision and depth mapping functionalities along with 360 degree view.

A combination of color global shutter, IP67 enclosure, GMSL2 interface, multi-synchronization support, and high-performance ISP makes this camera suitable for smart traffic systems, robotic arms, patrol robots, delivery robots, goods-to-person robots, agricultural trucks, and agricultural robots.

This synchronized multi-camera solution comes with the ability to integrate upto six STURDeCAM25 cameras into a single Jetson system. The multi-camera system offers 3D vision, depth mapping, and 360degree view capabilities for proximity & obstacle detection.

Designed and developed to work seamlessly with the NVIDIA platform, STURDeCAM25 has off-the-shelf support for the Jetson development kit and Connect Tech’s Rogue platform based on Jetson AGX Xavier, Rudi AGX platform based on Jetson AGX Xavier, and Rudi NX platform based on Jetson Xavier NX. This enables rapid prototyping and faster deployment of vision enabled products.


Customers interested in evaluating STURDeCAM25 – Full HD IP67 rated GMSL2 color global shutter camera – can purchase the product from e-con Systems’ online store.

Customization and integration support

With a proper understanding of customers’ pain points, e-con Systems offers customization services that reduce your efforts on prototyping, product integration, and product deployment.

This camera is also available without IP67 enclosure

Great! Thanks for creating this awesome camera product for Jetson platoform!

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Getting started with STURDeCAM25_CUXVR - IP67 rated GMSL2 Global Shutter Camera for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit

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