Video: Surround View Camera for Industrial Vehicles | IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera for Jetson AGX Xavier

e-con Systems™ announces STURDeCAM20, surround view camera for industrial vehicles.

STURDeCAM20_CUXVR - IP67 certified Full HD rugged camera solution with a GMSL2 interface for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ developer kit. STURDeCAM20_CUXVR contains the STURDeCAM20 - Full HD IP67 certified camera with high-performance Image Signal Processor chip (ISP), GMSL adapter board, and an IP67 certified coaxial cable up to 15 meters with a FAKRA connector. This camera solution can produce excellent images even in low light and its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability ensures reliable images even in challenging outdoor light conditions.

Have a look at the video about how STURDeCAM20 can help customers to use the surround view system

What makes it unique?

  • Rugged IP67 enclosure

Ensures exceptional protection from water and dust thus makes it suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Wide temperature range

Operating temperature of 40°C to 85 °C, ensures uninterrupted operation even in an extreme temperature environment.

  • 15 meters cable support

Allows an option to place a camera 15 meters away from the host processors without any streaming delay.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Helps to produce stunning images even in outdoor lighting conditions when the target scene has very dar

  • Uncompressed Full HD at 30 fps

Utilize the uncompressed video streaming capabilities to minimize computation load on the platform and run your vision and video analytic applications

  • Synchronization support

Helps to capture the frames of all the connected cameras at the same time thus making it ideal for multi-camera applications like surround view system.

Where does it fit?

  • Surround View System

  • Warehouse Robots

  • Patrol Robots

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Agriculture Robotic Arms

  • Perimeter system

Learn more about STURDeCAM20_CUXVR

Nice! Thanks for creating this awesome camera product for Jetson!

Getting started with STURDeCAM_CUXVR - IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

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STURDeCAM25 is the latest introduction in e-con Systems’ STURDeCAM series characterized by products with IP rated rugged enclosures.

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