IP67 HDR GMSL multi-camera system for NVIDIA Jetson platform

Over the past 17 years, you have put your trust in us to deliver innovative OEM camera solutions to your products. Today, we are launching STURDeCAM - a new series of IP67 cameras for outdoor industrial applications. STURDeCAM20 is the first camera from this camera series. STURDeCAM20 is a industrial grade Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera which supports and shipped with 15-meter coaxial cable, that’s been created specifically for new age edge-AI powered applications.

Have a look at the video about how STURDeCAM20 can help customers to use the surround view system

Where does it fit?

» Surround View System
» Warehouse Robots
» Patrol Robots
» Autonomous Mobile Robots
» Agriculture Robotic Arms
» Perimeter system

Great! Thanks for creating this awesome product for Jetson!

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