What is the best way to try out new off the shelf CSI/MIPI cameras and lenses on the AGX?

I’ve so far concluded for the raspberry pi Noir Camera v2 I need custom compile the kernel/driver , but there is no success seen previously. I just need an 8 MP 30 FPS camera

The issue is raised by “snarky” here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1039525/jetson-agx-xavier/compatible-cameras/

here is also https://www.ridgerun.com/post/ridgerun-s-sony-imx219-cmos-image-sensor-linux-driver-for-nvidia-jetson-xavier-and-jetson-tx1-tx2. All of them seem unnecessary work at our end to get a camera working and are unnecessarily expensive. A large number of cameras I’ve encountered use the IMX219 sensor and they don’t show up when they are connected to the AGX.

Below topic have share imx219 on Xavier working case.


What does this even mean?

“Been Verified by 2 lanes 6 camera, Please have a reference to the DT for E3333”. The problem I am encountering is that the /dev/videoX device itself doesn’t show up. What am I missing, how do I troubleshoot?

It about how to implement 6 cameras board.

If you can’t design sensor HW by yourself you can consult with camera partner. If you want to use Pi v2 imx219 you still need HW rework for Xavier and need software modification to enable it.