MIPI Camera Connections

Hello, I’m trying to use my IMX219 camera from Leopard Imaging
I want to connect this MIPI camera with my jetson xavier nx
but if i use

or $ gst-launch-1.0 nvarguscamerasrc ! nvoverlaysink

this error occur
execute:725 No cameras available

Could you tell me what solution or how to connect the MIPI camera?

Can you find a camera device /dev/video0 ?

no i can’t find it

You should find why /dev/video0 is not shown first.
Did you confirm that the RPi camera works well on the other platform?

Yes, in Jetson Nano at jetpack version 4.6.1, i checked that it works well when enter the same command

Our IMX219 module should be able to work with Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit with the Nvidia original driver. There are two MIPI interfaces on the carrier board. Could you try the other interface?

Yes, I tried both Cam0 and Cam1, but it says dev/video0 and 1 are all missing. Am I right to say that my Jetson MIPI interface is broken? I am using Jetpack 4.6.1.

then, I would check something around I2C:

  • i2c device detected, or i2c related kernel logs
  • by default, NVIDIA’s kernel log should display imx219 referenced mesgs
  • cross check, connect another IMX219 MIPI camera on your JNX devkit

Could you take a picture about the entire camera kit if possible? We would like to check the connections.

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