Strange problems about Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer kit and reading problem with the imx219-77 camera

hello and good evening. I really need help to debug my problems . 1. I couldn’t install various of software for example , Visual studio code in Jetson Nano OS , despite of many tries for using commands . my softwares don’t update at all ;
2 . when I connect the CSI camera (IMX219-77 camera) to the camera connector of Jetson Nano developer kit , I want to open the camera with “cheese webcam booth” software to show environment but it can’t detect the camera .
Please solve my problems . What should I do ? Thanks and regards.


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Tom K

hello user57936,

please share the environment information, may I know which JetPack release version you’re working with.
in addition, please have camera connected before given power-supply, please also gather the kernel logs for reference,

Hello and goodevening . I have a problem . I connected the IMX219-77 camera to the camera connector module of Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer kit embedded board ; However , when I run the cheese webcam booth software when the imx219-77 camera is also connected , the software can not detect the camera for taking picture and recording . In the other hand , I could successfully updated all the softwares . Should I install the camera driver ? if yes how can I find the driver ?

Thanks and best regards.

hello user57936,

may I also know which camera module it is.
Nano platform is by default support Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2, IMX219.
besides, please contact with your sensor vendor for the binary update and its supported Jetpack release version.

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