HD-SDI Frame graber compatability with Nvidia Jetson

I am trying to interface jetson with an HD-SDI imagery source. To do this I am trying to use a HD-SDI Frame Grabber. I have found through other forums like the one below that this is not supported directly through Nvidia for PCIE connection: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1044621/jetson-tx2/mpcie-sdi-video-cards-support-with-jetson-tx2-module-/

My thoughts after reading this were wether or not I could connect to the jetson with HD-SDI through an external source like USB3.0 or CSI-2? Would the Jetson include the drivers I would need to have my C++ program interface directly to the camera?

Below are the two options I have found that could work for these use cases:

HD-SDI to USB3.0: https://www.theimagingsource.com/products/converters-grabbers/sdi-to-usb-3.0-converters/

HD-SDI to csi-2: https://auvidea.eu/product-category/csi2bridge/sdi2csi/

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We have camera partners making camera boards for Jetson platforms.

Your usecase is new. Please contact sales to see if we can become partners to include this usecase.

Hi Joshua,

did you end up with a solution? I’d also like to connect several (probably four) HD-SDI cameras with a Jetson (Xavier, in my case), since CSI-2 cabling just isn’t long enough. The HDI-SDI to CSI-2 adapters look promising but come quite costly with me needing four of them.


Hi @joshua.musch,

You may find interesting the following link about some HW solutions with Jetson TX2 device that includes HD-SDI video input support:

Hi @sichelschmidt,

You can take a look into the Maxim Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) SERDES technology, who provides high bandwidth and rich point-to-point interconnections between two endpoints over a single cable, which can be up to 15 meters long. This technology is the perfect solution to MIPI CSI-2 cabling distance limitation. You can find more detailed information on the following link:

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Thanks Daniel. Will check.