Real-time video stream input Jetson TX2


I’d like to receive real-time video streams for computation on the Jetson TX2 developer kit. What would be the recommended method of receiving DVI input on the Jetson? Would it be DVI to HDMI to CSI, DVI to USB or some other method?

Thanks in advance!

We have some RTSP/UDP case. FYI.

Thanks, DaneLLL. I’m looking to stream offline rather than over a network (which is how I understand RTSP/UDP works). Do you have suggestions on how best to proceed in an offline scenario?

I am also looking for such solutions for SDI input. 

Here is what I found, a HDMI to CSI converter

There are some discussion on this before.

Thanks, pin.jiang. I’d come across the converter previously but I’m wondering whether there’s a cheaper alternative. Anyone have additional insights for streaming to the Jetson from a camera with DVI or HDMI output?

There are some valid HDMI2CSI cases. Or other users may share their experience.