Jetson TK1 HDMI input

I am just wondering whether it was possible to use HDMI port as an input to capture video? If yes what resolution is supported, if not is there any other way to use the computing capacity of the board to decode clean HDMI video source?

The HDMI connector on Jetson is output only. I don’t know if it’s possible to get HDMI (or similar) signal in. At least it won’t be trivial.

Thanks a lot I assumed it wouldn’t be that straight forward :-( I think solution would be a HDMI - CSI2 bridge or a miniPCIe HDMI card but I couldn’t find them. I think Toshiba has a 4K HDMI to CSI2 chipset but I haven’t found a real implementation and I also don’t know the specification of CSI on Jetson. Might be this is the end of the idea

Here’s one such example of a mini-PCIe HDMI capture card

It’s not a half-mini card, so it’ll hang off the side of the Jetson. Here’s another example I found that’s in the mini -