CSI-2 to HDMI and SDI Adapter Board


we want to enable our HDMI and SDI input capture board for the TK1, the board uses a toshiba TC358743 to grab the HDMI 1.4 feed. I patched the v4l driver for an iMX6 board which works,now i want to start the implementation on the TK1. Is there any documentation to start teh CSI/MIPI interface to make this working?

Picture of the HDMI prototype, SDI will follow:

Its currently supports 1080p60.

I´m looking also for some paid support for developers who already have experience for I2C/CSI TK1 implementation. Please reply to PM if you are interest. Thanks a lot.

Don’t have any help for you, but looks nice!

Hi garybb

Did you successfully implement Toshiba TC358743 board on TK1?