Jetson Nano Video Input?

Hi - We’re interested in using the NVIDIA Jetson to do hardware accelerated video encoding. Our video source will be external coming from a typical video cable (e.g. HDMI, Display Port, etc). Is it possible to input video into the Jetson Nano like this? If not on the Nano, is it possible using a different Jetson model?

You need design some video capture card or some HDMI to CSI bridge HW for it.
Below is one of example.

Hi @ShaneCCC thanks for the reply. I’m really surprised that the only way to do this is to design our own hardware. There must be something “off-the-shelf” we can use. For example, I would think this might work: USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 - Magewell No?

Suppose no problem to support for USB type video card.


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