Please recommend me a HD camera which is compatible with NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

On Jeston TX2, I need the camera to produce HD video, and need these video can be stored to my specified location.

Which cameras have you tested and performance is good on TX2?
Which camera interface (CSI or USB) is better for my situation?


I am using the logitech USB webcam as my project
There are C9XX series and if you do some research, you can find out that C920 is actually widely used for the computer vision project.

Here are the list of cameras that I would recommend and has been tested on the Jetson TX2 board that can serve your purpose made by e-con systems.

3.4 MP AF AR0330 MIPI Jetson TX2 Camera -
3.4 MP AR0330 MIPI Jetson TX2 Camera -
13MP AR1335 MIPI Jetson TX2 Camera -
13MP AR1820 MIPI Jetson TX2 Camera -

For details refer

To recommend on the usage of USB or CSI camera interface, we must first know your application in detail to help you choose. Generally MIPI interface is recommended for optimal CPU processing and better performance.


Please, would you know which camera are compatible with TX1/TX2, with a maximum resolution (at less 12 MP) and with global shutter mode?

I am using the default devkit onboard ov5693 and that works quite well

Thanks Andrey, but it seems ov5693 is a Rolling shutter camera. I’m looking ofr a global shutter camera