Camera Compatibility

Hi, Im looking into purchasing a TX2 dev Kit. I will be doing some research, basically with how a high viscosity fluid (oils) spills out of a container. I currently have some basler ace cameras (acA1300-30gm, acA2000-50gc, acA2500-14gc) and wanted to know if I can use any of those with the TX2. I have tried to research it but I´ve read posts that say I should be able to and posts that say I can´t.

If not, which ones are some good cameras to work with? I saw a list of the e-con Systems cameras that are compatible for the TX1, but I also saw a post
where it says that they don´t have compatible kernels for the TX2

I´m looking for a color USB3 camera for the simplicity. I dont need that high frame rate. somewhere between 15-30fps. and at 720p at 1.5-2Mpixels.

hello chinustation,

usb-cameras are going with v4l2 standards, which should compatible with JetsonTX2.

Thank you

The latest launch of cameras from e-con systems is compatible for both NVIDIA Jetson TX2 / TX1. There are four such cameras of various specifications for you to choose, depending on the requirements you have.

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