Nvidia TX2 developer kit


I am planning to buy Jetson NVIDIA TX2 development kit for my project,
I have to attach 4 cameras along with that in order to achieve 360 degree view of a model car and use it for ADAS, I wanted to know, can any type of cameras are compatible with the TX2 or are there any specific cameras only being supported, also I have to interface all the 4 cameras together and connect it to TX2,


Are these cameras OK to be connected with TX2 when they are used 4 in numbers

Please suggest me with best suitable options

I am waiting for a response

Hi ankit.agrawal, it is recommended to consult the Camera/Scaling companies from the Jetson Partners directory. Here are some direct links:

A couple products included in the list above are multi-camera 360° setups like you mentioned you are looking for.

Hi Ankit, We do have a couple of synchronized multi-camera systems for NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2.

These cameras can be used in 360 degree camera applications and similar.

  1. e-CAM30_HEXCUTX2 - Six Synchronized Full HD Cameras (HexCAM)

  2. e-CAM130_TRICUTX2 - Three Synchronized 4K Cameras (TRICAM)

Thank You for your reply but your system is already attached with the cameras, I want to attach my own i. e. built it from scratch that is why I want to know the compatibility of cameras along with TX2.

Please suggest me the cameras which I can buy, also this are too expensive and my is master research I have to use $ cameras which altogether should cost not more than 200 euros

Ankit, the CSI-based solutions that we linked to above will yield the best performance.

Given your budget, you may want to look into USB-based camera modules like so: