New Project Start with four Cameras and Block Cameras

Dear Forum,
I want to start a new Project with 4 Cameras. This four Cameras placed in a circle. Surround View. Then I want to transmit this Video Stream over one/two Ethernet Cables.

Alternatively I want to connect two Block Cameras like Tamron MP1010M-VC and switch between each Camera.

I have to use a small Form Factor. My Favourite is Nvidia Xavier NX.

So my Questions:

  1. Can you send me an Article Number for a good Starter Kit?
  2. Which Software must be used for Sart?
  3. Is there a Demo Application or a Tutorial for this Project?
  4. How can I connect the two Tamron Cameras?
  5. Is there a Example to connect a Block Camera like Sony?

Can anyone help me? I am a newbie.

Thanks for answers.

Have consult with camera partner.

Hello ShaneCCC,
thanks for your reply, but can You write me a short instruction to start with Nvidia Jetson TX2 Serie?
How do I use Nvidia Software (SDK)?

Thanks for your reply.

Check this doc first.
Also you can download documents from download center.

Dear ShaneCCC,
I have contacted a NVidia Camera Partner. This is the following answer:

"Unfortunately I have to inform you that the NVidia platforms you requested with Jetson Xavier NX, alternatively TX2 NX are currently not available and it is currently not foreseeable whether we will continue to offer these platforms in the future. "

What can I do now? Take a look to NXP?

If you want buy Jetson device just contact with nvidia if sensor board then contact with partner.

Thanks ShaneCCC,
can you send me an E-Mail Adress for sale?

This is the same.

While distributors may not have inventory for e-tail orders from their websites, you should contact them to share your forecast. We continue to crank these modules out, and distributors will work with you on lead time and take your Purchase Order.

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