TX2 Camera Expansion

I’m working on a project that involves multiple camera inputs. The TX2 supports up to six CSI inputs. However, this requires an camera expansion board.

Does anyone know of any good boards for this purpose? Any information is appreciated.

I have not used it, but this may be of interest for your case:

Almost all of the Jetson carrier board manufacturers have boards to connect three, four, or six cameras.

  • Auvidea
  • Leopard Imaging
  • E-con Systems
  • Connect Tech

6 MIPI CSI-2 Cameras support for Jetson TX1 from e-con systems may suit your purpose. The latest release supports 6 CSI- 2 cameras with TX2 also. Refer the links below for further details about the device.



For further enquires contact camerasolutions@e-consystems.com