working on CSI 6 cameras on tx2/tx2i

please guide me on how can i port/modify/develop my custom carrier base board with jetson tx2/yx2i module & 6 CSI cameras on it.


Hi shrinathchoudhary,

We have enabled several camera partners to provide the camera product on different resolutions and use cases for Jetson platform, please find their information from


Let me put in this way, I have tx2 dev-kit in which 1 camera is connected and im able to access that camera from


if i want to extend no. of camera’s from 1 to 2 or 3 or 6 how can i do that ?? & also what and all modifications need to be done on linux kernel, basically in SW components in order to access those camera’s as required??

please provide information on this.


You may start with gstreamer user guide: