Connect multiple cameras (6 cameras) to Jetson TX1


Could you please help me for how to connect multiple cameras (up to 6) to Jetson TX1 dev board. Also please help me to find the compatible camera modules and from where i can buy it.

Please help.

A powered USB hub is your best bet. A list of supported cameras can be found here:

Hi Sijo,

You can find the connection guide in the doc JetsonTX1_OEM_Product_DesignGuide-1000010-16.pdf from embedded download center:

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Thanks Trumany,

Is there is any board available to connect 6 cameras to the MIPI interface of TX1.


This one provides all 12 CSI-2 lanes for 4 cameras:

This one also provides all 12 CSI-2 lanes, 8 of them are Gigabit Media Serial Links (GMSL):

Connecttech is testing GMSL cameras from Leopard Imaging.

Leopard Imaging will have camera adapter cards for up to three 8MP cameras using all 12 CSI-2 lanes.

Drivers for selected cameras may not be available.

6 MIPI CSI-2 Cameras support for Jetson TX1:


Sorry, I’m not very technical in this realm. I would appreciate some help on this. Would this IP camera be compatible to stream with the TX1?

& Would a CCTV camera work just as well or better if that were possible?

Also, what would be the process of integrating either option with a TX1?


hello jjustus,

AFAIK, both IPcamera and CCTVcamera has internal ISP to handle the input signal and output something like h264 format. these kind of sensors should sending the video format through rtsp protocol.

if you would like to connect cameras to TegraX1 CSI port, please refer to CHAPTER 29: MIPI-CSI (CAMERA SERIAL INTERFACE) at TegraX1 TRM for more information.

Need a little help on my wireless security camera system as well. I think it’s a compatibility issue. Does using brand has effect?

i’m not familiar with the brand of this camera but it looks very similar to those of a camera manufacturer in china that i purchased earlier this year without doing a whole lot of research and learned the hard way that the units i bought would not do what i thought they would. another thing was that the support the company offered was pretty close to none. so the lesson i took away was to always be sure that what you plan to buy does what you need and about the only way to determine that is through the support of the manufacturer. also, the forum for ispy open source software has very good info on what works and what does not.