Camera models compatible with Jetson TX-1

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My first post, and happy to be here.

One of my customers is looking for a camera compatible with the TX-1. Their requirements are:

1: Camera Interface- CSI 2.0 : 2x 4 Lane and should be compatible to TX1 CSI camera interface.
2: Resolution- 4MP (minimum 1.3MP)
3: FPS- 100fps@1.3MP (min)
4: Lens Mount- S/CS Mount
5: Driver- Camera driver on Linux for Tegra and api’s to access camera
6: Imaging System- Best Supported to TX1 dsp engine
7: Size- Not more than 80x80mm
8: Prefer Camera module that comes with dedicated Driver Support for TX1 SOM.

Any suggestions? Apologies if this was already discussed - I couldn’t find the same in the forum.

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Respond to your concerns,

  1. Fine
  2. Fine
  3. Fine.
    1.3MP x 100fps x 10-bit(if it’s 10-bit bayer sensor) = 1.3Gbps < 4 x 1.5Gpbs
  4. Fine
  5. Fine
  6. Fine. But currently we only provide ISP support for the reference camera, ov5693.
  7. Fine
  8. Fine

Thanks a lot.

My customer wants to use Image sensor with Bayer output and Video path will use V4L2 framework. Is it not supported?

Is there onboard ISP support for OV9732, or will we require additional hardware for the same?


As noted in nVConan’s post, there is only ISP support for the onboard camera, other cameras are not supported at this time.

How about using two ov5693 cameras with a custom board? Can they both use the ISP? Will they show up as /dev/video0 and /dev/video1?

I assume some driver work will have to happen, which I’m not afraid to do, but I don’t want to spend a month working on this only to find out that it’s not possible to use two cameras.


Also: why is the ISP not supported?

The 2x OV5693 camera use case will be supported in L4T R24.2. In fact, we will test up to a 6-camera use case. For R24.1, the use case of one OV5693 and one USB camera is tested. Thus, you could proceed with your dual camera development effort.

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Does Nvidia provide drivers for camera sensors other than OmniVision OV5693 with L4T?


We do not provide drivers for other sensors. Some vendors have implemented their own drivers, such as the e-con Systems camera in this thread:

RidgeRun is also creating drivers for cameras and HDMI-to-MIPI CSI chips, if you need help please contact us,



Yes, the driver costs US$ 2,500…

e-con Systems offers MIPI cameras for TX1 and drivers for it. You can contact or for more details.
Please check:

ctichenor, did you guys end up testing the 6 csi cameras and are they now being supported in R24.2.1?


We tested 6 cameras and they are working with the latest release.


Sorry I’m not very technical in this realm, so I would appreciate any help on this. Would this IP camera be compatible to stream with the TX1?

& Would a CCTV camera work just as well or better if that were possible?

Also, what would be the process of integrating either option with a TX1?