Support for Sony IMX377 or 317 Sensor

Has anybody connected a 13MP Sony IMX 377 or 8MP 317 to the TX1? We would be very interested in collaborating or funding development of this 4k60 and 720p300 capable sensor for CV applications.

Not yet, have you reviewed our reference camera module schematics and layout files?

That’s very interesting. What needs to be programmed to the EEPROM? What camera modules are supported by the adapter board?

The EEPROM and its contents are specific to the sensor chip used on the camera module, in this case Omnivision’s OV5693. To use a different sensor chip, a different camera module (adapter board) will need be designed. Support for cameras including 4-lane, 2-lane, and single-lane MIPI CSI 2.0 sensors are included.

Hi Dusty_nv,

Would you please provide a guideline at software side on enabling mipi csi-2 camera for Tegra chipset (either TK1 or TX1)?

We have trouble to enable the csi-2 mipi camera for Tegra, digging into the kernel source and DTS device tree source code, there is a bunch of camera sensors driver available, the question is that how can I enable it for instance

  1. if there is an flag to tell Tegra to detect specific camera sensor. the camera dtsi profile does have i2c detect, which we can understand.
  2. is the /dev/video0 created during device boot on TK1/Jetson, however which flag or DTS to enable it?


We have bought a nNvidia Jetson TX1 card, a Leopard Imaging 3 camera board, and 3 pieces of Leopard imaging IMX377 camera modules.

Following the installation instructions we got a big green screen instead of the photo. We expected that the driver for IMX274 will work anyhow with the IMX377 but the size of the frame will be incorrect, and we can modify that in the driver.

Do you have an idea?

You will need some changes to the driver. Leopard Imaging gave us a quote for porting IMX274 driver to IMX377.

If you check the patch supplied with IMX274 driver, you will need to make some changes to the patch for IMX377. The registers of IMX377 may be different from IMX274, the “imx274_mode_tbl” file need to be modified.

Yes, i did so. I made the patch, got the imx377 datasheet, made the changes to the mode_tbls. I can communicate over the i2c bus, but there is still a big green screen.
It seems that the mipi lines are not working. The imx377 is very different from the 274. I have no docs fot the 274.
Is there any way to test the mipi lines?

Have you read this post and try v4l2-ctl and dump dmsg?

Now i have got the imx 274 docs. The 377 is quite different. Is there anybody havig tried to commect 6 imx 377s to the tx1? The main issue is to switch the omx377 to 2 CSI lanes. I got a settins table from Sony, but it does not work.

I set the Linux, and nvcamera-daemon into debug mode, but there are no error messages. I tried with yavta, gst-launch with nvsource as well.

The output of v4l2-compliance contains errors, but they are the same as with the working 3 cameras Leopard card.

The thing is that the power supply and the i2c bus seemk ok, but the csi straming is broken.

You need to pass the v4l2-compliance first. And the use the v4l2-ctrl to get the RAW data.

Please download the document from below link and reference to the “Sensor Driver Programming Guide” chapter to get more bring up information.