IMX274 Drivers

Hi Folks,

  1. Does Tx1 or Tx2 comes bundled with drivers for Sony IMX274 ? If so could someone provide the pointer ?
  2. Is there a way to get 120 fps out of IMX274 ? As alluded to in this link -



Yes, Tx1 and Tx2 all support Sony IMX274 driver now, and you can get 720P@120fps resolution from IMX274.
You can contact with LeoprdImaging company, they have the IMX274 sensor board and driver for Tx1/Tx2.

Hi Wing_hu,

Thanks for your response. Is there a way to get 1080@120 fps - as mentioned in aforesaid link ? I’m told by Leopard folks that they do not support anything more than 60 fps @ 1080 resolution.


Hi Dumbogeorge,

I also have not seen 1080P@120fps working on TX1 till now. hope other guys have tried on this.

Hi wing_hu,

I saw LeopardImaging has a dual imx274 module.
For TX2, can it achieve 4K @ 60fps on each channel simultaneously?


Hi coolkid,

We have a preliminary driver for TX2 right now. This driver support 3864x2174@60fps, but it only support one camera.

Hi Wing_hu,

there seem to be two IMX274 related camera systems from Leopard Imaging:

one of them for the three sensor connection which is using 4 Lane MIPI for each sensor,
the other one for up to six sensors and using 2 lanes for each sensor.
I am interested in the 6 sensor version.

The datasheet for IMX274 mentions 4 lanes of MIPI connection to host
so (to me) 2 lanes seem not to be supported at all
(i have not seen them being mentioned anywhere).

My questions are:
is the amount of Lanes configurable for the 274?
if not, which differences to expect when using the 2 lanes only
(e.g. skipped pixels, resolution)?



Hi Umit,

Leopard IMX274 camera is configurable for 4 lanes or 2 lanes. I think you have the 4 lanes configuration driver for Jetson in hand, if you want to enable 2 lanes configuration, you should modify the driver, or you can contact with Leopard for 2 lanes configuration.

Hi Wing_lu,

If i understand correctly,
IMX274 supports 2 Lane mode and there is no limitations other then bandwidth.
Image resolution is full…

I that correct ?


Hi Umit,

Yes, you are correct.