Camera Suggestion for 1-lane Mipi CSI-2 Camera

I want to test speed of 1-lane, 2-lane and 4-lane mipi CSI-2 Cameras for Jetson tx2. Can anyone suggest me any camera that can be configured into multiple lanes or 3 separate cameras for each lane configuration?
P.S the onboard camera on TX2 can be configured to 1 lane since its already 2 lane?

I would suggest to consult with the sensor vendor to confirm the lanes configure support.
Also may be some FPGA can configure as your request.

can you recommend any camera with 1 lane mipi csi 2 interface?

Sorry, I don’t have any candidate device in mind.

This should be a pure mathematical exercise. Changing the lane width is only part of the equation and you cannot simply do a comparison of 1-lane vs 2-lane. Many image sensors that do support multiple lane configuration will maintain the MIPI data rate. For example, sensor X 1-lane runs the MIPI data rate at 800 Mbps and if you select the 2-lane configuration it is configured to run the MIPI data rate at 800 Mbps with the clock running at 400 Mbps. If you select the 4-lane configuration it still has an 800 Mbps MIPI data rate with the clock now running at 200 Mbps. So it doesn’t matter with sensor X if you have 1, 2, or 4 data lanes, the MIPI data rate is maintained at 800 Mbps regardless. If you use image sensor Y they may have slightly different MIPI data rates that they support so you cannot just compare image sensor X 1-lane with image sensor Y 2-lane configuration.

What is important is the pixel width, the number of pixels per frame, and the MIPI data rate. Using these parameters you should be able to mathematically calculate how long from when image is captured till how long it is available at the Jetson TX2 CSI-2 interface, agnostic of the lane configuration. I’m not sure if this is what you mean by testing the speed.

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Thankyou for your response, it is very informative.