8-lane MIPI single camera


I’m hoping I can find out whether or not the NVidia TX2 can handle and 8 lane MIPI CSI-2 camera. The TX2, certainly has the lanes, but I’m unsure whether or not it could handle that type of configuration. Thanks in advance for confirmation.

If possible, I would also be interested to know if it could handle an 8-ln and a 4 ln; 2 camera set up.

Again, thanks for any help in confirming the features?

The TX2 is billed as having three 4-lane MIPI ports, so I’d be very surprised if you could somehow combine two of those into one 8-lane port. (I’d expect lane splitting within a port to be easier than port combining in the hardware.)

What sensor are you using that has 8 lane output? As far as I know, there’s none that’s even shipping in volume yet? Maybe I’m just not keeping up, though?

Hi @Snarky, Thanks for taking a stab. I agree that it’s probably not possible, but I’d rather ensure that. I was thinking of using this part:
Which has 8ln MIPI. Here is the sensor link:

I want it for its high-speed 1080p, my base requirement is 720p @ 240.

Yes, TX2 can support 8 lane sensor, however it can support two 4 lane gang_mode. If the source can split to two 4 lane output source and VI driver merge them to one frame.